By Marek Kovalčík | 23 December 2021

Introduction to Cloud Computing

People often use the word "cloud" without really knowing what it means. Simply put, it is someone else's computer that runs constantly and on which the owner can rent you disk space and computing resources. It has huge... Read More

By Marek Kovalčík | 26 October 2021

What to do after a ransomware attack?

We have previously covered the topic of ransomware on this blog, specifically the Avaddon ransomware. But Avaddon is just one of the many ransomware groups operating on the internet today. At the time of writing this article, it is... Read More

By Marek Kovalčík | 01 October 2021

Case study: the success of smishing campaigns

As we wrote about in the previous article about our phishing campaign, it's a similar story with the smishing campaign. Cybersecurity is one of the most important aspects of any business. However, regularly training employees on how... Read More

By Marek Kovalčík | 01 October 2021

Case study: the success of phishing campaigns

If a company has all the security measures in place to minimise the risk of infiltration of its computer network, there is only one weak link that can threaten its security. That link is the employees. People make mistakes, whether... Read More

By Marek Kovalčík | 17 September 2021

Taking over control of a user's browser

People often ask me whether simply opening a malicious website can affect their computer, whether simply clicking on a link can infiltrate and take over their computer. My answer is "yes". And in this article I will explain how... Read More

By Marek Kovalčík | 31 August 2021

Which operating system is the safest?

We understand anonymity as a state where the user's identity is unknown and privacy as a state where the user is not monitored. Due to the overall design of the internet, this goal is not easy to achieve. However, there is a so... Read More

By Marek Kovalčík | 26 July 2021

A critical vulnerability of iPhones with iOS 14

Apple's smartphones need no introduction. It is the most widely used phone device in the world with a huge base of supporters. Many people live under the assumption that Apple products are perfect and unbreakable. This makes the... Read More

By Marek Kovalčík | 26 July 2021

Honeypots: how to catch hackers

In this article I will introduce you to honeypots. You can literally think of them as bait to lure attackers. In the computing world, honeypots can be sensitive data, information, know-how and systems that we want to protect from... Read More

By Marek Kovalčík | 30 April 2021

How to improve the security of Linux servers?

Many services nowadays run on servers with different Linux distributions. Compared to server versions of Microsoft operating systems, they are free. They are also generally considered to be more secure, but require deeper knowledge on... Read More

By Marek Kovalčík | 23 April 2021

Avaddon Ransomware – extortion software

Ransomware is extortion software aimed at profiting from the ransom paid by the victim. But why should a ransomware victim pay, and what happens if they don't? I will try to answer these questions in this article and then briefly... Read More