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23. 11. 2021 - Brno; 30. 11. 2021 - Pilsen; 1. 12. 2021 - Domažlice; 2. 12. 2021 - Prague; 3. 12. 2021 - Tábor; 6. 12. 2021 - České Budějovice

As we do every year, we have once again prepared a tax seminar for you that aims to explain all the main amended provisions for 2022 concerning income tax and value added tax. We will also remind you of the most important changes in connection with the filing of tax returns for 2021. You will...

23 November 2021

At the seminar, we will introduce you to the new legislation on whistleblowing (the so-called Whistleblowing Act) and related new obligations for almost all companies. The new legislation obliges companies to establish channels for reporting infringements and protecting whistleblowers. As part of...

16 November 2021

Join us for our latest webinar in our World of Private Clients series. People relocate for many different reasons – climate, education, life style and business opportunities – and different locations appeal to different people. Following 2020, a year when relocation was not an option for most of...

16 November 2021

The year 2021 has brought us a new law on whistleblower protection (the so-called Whistleblowing Act). In the coming months, the EU Whistleblowing Directive is due to come into force in all 27 EU Member States. How will the new law affect businesses operating in the Czech Republic and what...

12 November 2021

At the seminar, you will deepen your knowledge of the application of VAT deduction claims both in full and especially in partial amounts through concrete examples. You will be able to discuss problematic provisions with the lecturer and other participants.

11 November 2021

We will take a deeper dive into some of the key things families need to make succession work smoothly, including communication, collaboration and preparing the next generation.

/ Datum: 05 November 2021

In Zusammenarbeit mit BDO Deutschland haben Lenka Lopatová und Dr. Arwed Crüger ein Seminar über Verrechnungspreise für Unternehmen vorbereitet, die gleichzeitig auf dem tschechischen und deutschen Markt tätig sind. Wir weisen Sie auf die Besonderheiten, Unterschiede und Anforderungen bei der...

03 November 2021

At the seminar, we will present our practical experiences following the introduction of the long-awaited Act on Experts. We will clarify the interpretational ambiguities that appeared during the year the amendment was in effect, and we will focus on the currently available case law in this area.

14. 10. 2021, 19. 10. 2021, 20. 10. 2021, 21. 10. 2021, 25. 10. 2021, 26. 10. 2021, 28. 10. 2021

1 October marks the start of Cyber Security Month, dedicated to raise awareness of this extremely important topic. 2020 was the year of COVID-19, but unfortunately also of increased cyber attacks. As workers shifted to tele/home work, so did the threats.  2021 confirmed that trend.  The question...

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