• An independent business evaluation

An Independent business evaluation

In the current difficult macroeconomic and geopolitical situation, an increasing number of companies are running into financial difficulties. Financial lenders are facing an increased risk of loan defaults. Our team of specialists is ready to provide a comprehensive range of advisory services and propose practical solutions.

An independent business assessment allows owners, financial lenders or stakeholders to gain unbiased insight and a clear picture of a company's financial health and operational status. The conclusions of each project include recommendations for revitalization, restructuring or 

reorganisation in the form of a set of measures to be implemented in the short and long term.

When companies run into financial problems, which usually manifest themselves in cash flow and working capital difficulties, they run a serious risk of breaching credit terms and entering into insolvency.

Our services:

  • As part of our independent business assessment, we will prepare a comprehensive report on the following areas:
  • Assessment of the business strategy and evaluation of the company's competitive position in the market.
  • Analysis of historical and projected performance, including market comparisons within the industry
  • Evaluation of distribution and product strategy, including product or service margins
  • Review of operational structure, identification of strengths and weaknesses of key functional areas and suggestions for improvement
  • Quantification of potential risks, limiting factors and the impact of regulation affecting the company's performance
  • Proposing working capital optimisation and liquidity management
  • Assessment of the efficient use of assets and planned investments or divisions 
  • Analysis of debt service, financial creditors and stakeholders, assistance in securing capital
  • Preparation of expert reports or valuations, tax and legal advice  
  • Recommendation of property or legal conversions
  • Summary of the current economic situation, including quantification of the causes, consequences and necessary prerequisites for the long-term sustainability of the business 

Proposing possible solutions to stakeholders, including a set of measures in the form of a timeframe and timetable 

  • Mutually integrated action plans for revitalisation, restructuring or reorganisation
  • Assistance with implementation, interim management of key roles and project or programme management