• Process automation using artificial intelligence

Process automation using artificial intelligence

Shake hands with robots and let them handle your routine processes! Make better use of the potential of your employees and use artificial intelligence for manual work. 

BDO's consultancy specialists will help you transform robots into a workforce that will help your employees flawlessly. They can then focus on more skilled, higher-value-added activities.  

Our services:


  • Automating the processing of overpayments/underpayments of loans or mortgages
  • Checking and exporting data from bank statements
  • Automatic account creation or cancellation process
  • Automated entry of client requests 
  • Framework check of clients' creditworthiness


  • Automatic processing of invoices and payments
  • Automatic entry of change requests in systems and databases
  • Automatic generation / (re)calculation of insurance contracts
  • Automatic notification for expiring contracts


  • Automation of AML and KYC process
  • Automation of recruitment and exit agenda
  • Digitization of forms and paper document extraction
  • Check of published contracts in the contract register
  • Automation of classification of receivables and sending of reminders


  • Consolidation of bank account balances
  • Automation of reports in connection with the VAT agenda
  • Automation of the approval process and data extraction of received invoices
  • Automation of the process of issuing purchase orders and payment orders
  • Automation of data collection for the needs of external and internal auditors


  • Reduction of routine activities
  • Saving time
  • Reduction in capability
  • Increase in work productivity
  • Easy to start and intuitive to use
  • Fast return on investment