Home office – how to work efficiently and avoid cyberthreats

31 March 2020

Martin Hořický, Partner |

As quarantine is still in effect, many people are currently working from home. Companies that weren’t prepared for this mode of operation are forced to find tools for effective cooperation. Even though remote work is common, it is still necessary to learn how to use its tools and how to react to new potential cyberthreats.


How to work efficiently in the current situation?

Remote cooperation tools such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex etc. will provide a more comfortable way of working remotely and create a unified company platform for chatting, videoconferencing and content sharing. If you do not currently have it, Microsoft is currently offering the use of the Teams app for free. More information can be found here. If you need any help in this matter, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Use cloud solutions

If you are not able to use a VPN, you can use cloud storage instead. It will help you share information amongst your team or to exchange data with clients. Available cloud storage tools are Sharepoint Online, Dropbox or Google Drive. However, these solutions mean that your data is leaving your company. If you need to exchange data with clients, you can implement the solutions directly into your company’s infrastructure or use tools on your servers.


Increase security testing

Remote work brings more cyberthreats. We periodically evaluate cyberthreats and are currently noting a heightened attack activity and malware distribution. Remote work and more remote data sharing unfortunately cause more opportunities for spread of cyberthreats. And such it is necessary to regularly test the systems and improve it. Testing must be done periodically.


Keep your employees updated

The human element, along with natural curiosity, is still the most vulnerable target of security attacks. It is necessary to keep your employees updated and informed about new threats. We have covered this topic in the article Top Cybersecurity Recommendations Amid COVID-19.


How to secure company data within hours?

Along with our partner firm Safetica, we have prepared a checklist of steps to quickly secure your company data.

  1. Secure user accounts
    • Correctly set up user roles and access to the system. Manage access centrally.
    • Use two factor authentication for tools that are accessible outside of the network (similar to logging in to i.e. online banking where you must use a code that is sent to your mobile phone).
  2. Always secure remote access to the network via VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  3. Secure user terminals
    • Encrypt hard drives.
    • Make sure users are using their own unique user accounts, even when using personal devices.
    • Personal computers are often connected to portable devices that heighten the risk of malware transmission and data theft. This can be prevented via the Device Control solution.


Next steps

We are preparing more information that will help you maintain the effectivity of remote work and secure your network during current events as well as crucial fiscal and tax related information, which you can find in our specialized section here.


In case you have question, please feel free to contact one of the experts listed here.