BDO ZNALEX, s. r. o. (BDOZ) is a renowned expert office. It has been founded in 2006 following the activity of a leading consulting company operating in the market since 1991. In the Czech Republic, we belong to smaller specialized expert offices with a broad expertise in the field of economics. We can combine the economic and legal view of your issue. Since 2020 BDOZ is a part of BDO in the Czech Republic. The expert team consists of eleven professionals, who can be found in our Prague office.

Mergers (mergers, spin-offs, changes of legal form)

We provide comprehensive expert services for all types of mergers. Thanks to the BDO background we can also think of the expert, tax, and accounting context:
• valuation of assets for company transformations,
• transformations of companies and restructuring of companies.

Non-monetary deposits

We provide comprehensive expert services for non-monetary deposits. We appraise non-monetary contributions (plants, real estates, intangible assets, receivables, other types of assets) to and beyond equity.

Valuation of securities, equity shares and business shares

We appraise financial assets in the form of an appraisal report. Together with BDO we propose optimal ownership structures within a group of companies including procedures. Our experience helps meet the customer's goals.

Valuation of intangible assets

We appraise intangible assets of all kinds, from the brands (trade marks), through inventions (patents) and utility models or industrial designs to business secrets (customer databases and others). We also explain the accounting and tax impacts of any intangible asset transactions.

Valuation of receivables

In the field of receivable valuation our experts have proven track of experience. We appraise the receivables in a comprehensive manner, including securing relating to the claim.

Insolvency proceedings

Our experts have participated in many insolvency proceedings, whether in the form of bankruptcy or reorganization.
• overflow and insolvency analysis,
• valuation of assets in insolvency and for reorganization purposes.

Financial expertise, due diligence analysis

We prepare analysis of the financial aspect of the projects or the financial statements of companies. We compare data with industry benchmark and, if necessary, draw conclusions relevant to the situation:
• financial/economic due diligence,
• valuation of companies for purchase or sale.

Drawing up an opinion in court proceedings (both under the Civil Procedure Code and Criminal Procedure Code)

The education of our experts in both economic and legal areas guarantees a comprehension of your issues. We understand the legal context of economic issues. We can also explain the legal context of expert activities:
• determination of damages/ benefits
• review reports

Study on the feasibility of an investment plan

We participate in expert appraisal and analysis to estimate the future development of the expected investment.

Analysis of the highest and best use of property

We evaluate the best use of company assets. Managers thus comply with commitment and due diligence:
• financial forecast,
• assessments of the adequacy of financial assistance conditions.

Advisory for sellers

Generational changes and entry of strategic partners.

Valuation for IFRS purposes

Determining the usual (market, real, fair) price for accounting under IFRS:
• PPA (purchase price allocation).

Real Estate Valuation

We have experience with the valuation of production facilities and large shopping centres. Our services include both market valuation and valuation for tax purposes.
• valuation of real estate for mergers, acquisitions and deposits,
• determination of the usual (market) purchase price,
• valuation for insolvency, auctions and executions,
• fair value for IFRS reporting,
• valuation for tax purposes.

Transfer pricing - expert report

We set price transactions between related entities. This is usually the case in line with Czech tax laws.

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