Family Business Services

A collaboration that will last for generations. Family businesses are the backbone of the economy. Each such business, combined with the unique goals of the family, are two basic factors that make family businesses unique. Most families who want to preserve their assets for future generations work together to achieve one or more of five common goals.

Our approach


We respect the rule that each family and its members is unique and we tailor our advice to them, for example in the areas of taxes, charities, trusts, international structures, succession planning, etc. We will also help you create a strategy for family property owners and draw up a family constitution.


Family Office

Family Office is a platform designed primarily to invest the financial surplus created by a family business or its sale. A family's strategies and needs are complex and often require the cooperation of multiple professionals overseeing a variety of issues.

Our services are based on discretion, trust and understanding. For example, we can help you in the following areas:

  • Establishment and management of Family Office
  • Setting up the remuneration structure of Family Office and the people working for it
  • Creating an asset financial reporting structure that provides families with the information to make the right decisions
  • Advice on the evaluation of investment objectives, advice on transactions, company valuation
  • Advice on dealing with co-investors, banks
  • Structuring the acquisition of large assets such as yachts, planes, etc.
  • Control and setting of cybersecurity measures
  • Setting up and implementing risk management processes
  • Advice on philanthropic initiatives


Future leaders

Taking over the baton in a family business does not begin with an official appointment. It is a long-term process that the future leaders of family companies have been preparing for since childhood and which requires them to find their own management style while preserving the family's values and the company's DNA. There are areas where formal education does not suffice and which need to be further deepened:

  • Personalised training in the areas of corporate finance, taxes, accounting from the perspective of the business owner