Statement regarding COVID-19

13 March 2020

Dear All,

we would like to inform you of the steps we are taking in the current situation regarding the spread of the coronavirus. We want to help protect our employees' and our clients' health and aid in the general public attempts to stop the spread.

All our employees have the option to work remotely (out of home). We are minimizing the amount of in-person meetings and we will be replacing them with videoconferencing. As such we can assure you that as of now we are not aware of any hindrances that would prevent a timely delivery of upon-agreed services and all deadlines should be met. You can reach your contact persons via mobile phones and e-mail during business hours.

We are monitoring the situation and will inform you in case of any changes. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact the Partner responsible for services provided to you.

We also prepare and regularly update related tax, labor and other information for you.

Thank you for understanding!