Tax law

In our practice, we have long dealt with the resolution of tax disputes. We want to minimise the impact on the daily operation of your company as well as stress and costs. We can completely take over the representation so that you can fully devote yourself to your business activities. We will ensure the preparation of all submissions, if necessary, before the administrative courts. We will also file an action against the decision of the appellate body or a cassation complaint to the Supreme Administrative Court. We will represent you:

  • in tax audits, local investigations or procedures to remove doubts
  • before administrative courts
  • in proceedings for compensation for damage caused by illegal conduct or decisions of administrative authorities
  • when enforcing claims related to misconduct of tax authorities (e.g. interest on excessive VAT deductions withheld)

Today, tax and legal assessment is an integral part of responsibly performed due diligence. We are ready for you to verify that there is no risk of additional tax assessments arising from the past for your planned projects.