We believe that all people are motivated to develop and to succeed. And for that we created a career plan to help you achieve your goals. It is based on the following main elements:

  • continuous updates of professional knowledge, through internal alerts and newsletters and training programs
  • opportunity to gain specialized knowledge in different sectors


Feel you are growing from the very first day

Career development begins as soon as you join us; whether you are a graduate or a more experienced professional. A structured induction programme will provide an overview of our company, our values and our way of doing things. A fellow colleague is always ready to help new hires to integrate better and faster.


Your effort is recognized

You’ll agree individual objectives with your direct manager and plan how to achieve them. Our performance culture will recognize your achievements and acknowledge your progress with greater incentives and more responsibility.

Promotion is based on individual merit and work performance, which is reviewed in an annual performance appraisal, and also discussed periodically with your manager. You can advance faster than in similar companies because we believe that is not required to wait your entire life to prove that you are good.

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