Partial entitlement to deduct VAT and related adjustments on acquired assets

Date: 27 May 2020
Time: 10:00 - 14:00


  • Summary

In cooperation with 1. VOX a.s., we have prepared a seminar on the partial entitlement to VAT deduction and related adjustments for acquired property.

At the seminar, you will deepen your knowledge of the application of VAT deduction claims both in full and especially in partial amounts through concrete examples. You will be able to discuss problematic provisions with the lecturer and other participants.


Intended for: Accountants, economists and entrepreneurs who must deal with partial VAT deduction (e.g. non-profit or public sector, healthcare, finance, rental and sale of real estate, private use of company cars).



  • basic rules for claiming VAT deduction, including examples with references to domestic legislation, European legislation and case law (domestic and cross-border transactions)
  • correction of tax deduction in examples
  • full vs. proportional vs. reduced VAT deduction entitlement
  • VAT deduction offsetting in examples (stocks)
  • VAT deduction adjustment in examples (fixed assets)
  • entitlement to deduction on registration and adjustment of entitlement to deduction on deregistration


Lecturer: Petr Linx, Manager


More information and registration here.