Cybersecurity: measures and prevention

Cybersecurity: measures and prevention

18 May 2021 - CUT

The topic of cybersecurity is closely related to the dynamic development of modern technologies and their daily application in all areas of human activity. What was once ordinary electronics – or even further back in time a mere mechanical object – now has a "brain", which is undoubtedly a great advantage and facilitates a huge list of activities, and therefore obligations. In today's world, however, new technologies face constant security threats, the volume of which is growing exponentially.

We invite you to our online seminar where you will learn how to protect your data, networks, communications and devices from the dangers of the digital world. At the webinar, we will explain key concepts and introduce the most common threats and risks using practical examples and case studies. We will offer you a few recommendations for prevention and selected measures on how to protect your company from risks effectively and in the long term.

We will also offer you examples of survey results from more than 200 Czech and international companies, including preliminary results of a study being prepared for this year.



  • Cybersecurity at a glance - threats, forms and impacts
  • Practical examples and case studies
  • A proposal to improve network prevention, action and security in your company
  • Discussion


Who is the workshop for?

For both the private and public sectors – lawyers, compliance officers, auditors, security management, IT management, risk department staff, ISMS specialists, security consultants and anyone who is interested in the topic


Lecturer: Martin Hořický, Partner


Price: Free



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  • A few days before the event, we will send you a link to easily connect to the webinar.