Experience with 2020 taxes and news for 2021

Experience with 2020 taxes and news for 2021

The webinar will happen on three days - 27. 11. 2020, 2. 12. 2020, and 21. 1. 20219:00 - 14:45

Czech Republic, Czech Republic

We care about your health and safety, so we decided to move the planned seminar online in the form of webinars.

You do not need any special computer equipment to participate in the webinar. You can also connect via a tablet or mobile phone. After registering and paying the participation fee, you will receive a link to the page where the webinar will take place. Participants who have already registered for our seminars will be notified of this change.

Like every year, we have again prepared a seminar for you which aims to explain all the main amended provisions for 2021 concerning income tax and value added tax. We will also touch upon the most important changes in connection with the filing of tax returns for 2020. You will also learn about news in the area of ​​financial statements and we will talk about changes planned in 2021.


Seminar content:

  • Changes in income taxes 2020 with a focus on DPPO - information according to the development of legislation as of the date of the seminar
  • News in the field of value added tax
  • Selected news in connection with financial statements for 2020
  • Adjustments in accounting regulations for business entities and changes in the financial statements for 2021


27 November 2020 - already happened

  • Lecturers
    • Martin Tuček, Partner
    • Petr Vondraš, Tax Department Manager
    • Michaela Srpová, Tax Department Manager
    • Jan Tuček, Tax Advisor 

2 December 2020 - online

  • Lecturers
    • Zenon Folwarczny, Partner
    • Jiří Jandečka, Partner
    • Petr Vondraš, Tax Department Manager
    • Jiří Pospíšil, Audit Methodologist
    • Růžena Trnková, Auditor

21 January 2021 - online

  • Lecturers
    • Oldřich Bartušek, Partner 
    • Tomáš Klíma, Partner
    • Michal Proks, Tax Department Manager
    • Vít Křivánek, Tax-Law Department Manager

Who is the seminar for?

  • CFOs, economists, chief accountants, and anyone involved in corporate accounting


Price: CZK 500 excl. VAT / participant



  • Please confirm your interest in participating by clicking on "register" or write to us at
  • A few days before the event, we will send you a link via which you can easily connect to the webinar.
  • Invoicing will take place after the webinar.