Financial statement 2022 and news for 2023

Date: 9.12. - Brno, 13. 12. - Praha and online

Brno, Praha
Brno, Praha  
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Training dates and location:

  • 9 December 2022 – Praha Chodov – BDO and online stream
  • 12 December 2022 – Brno – Hotel International

Time: 9:30 – 16:30

Form of training: in-person and online

Organiser: BDO Audit s.r.o.


We have prepared our traditional seminar to provide you with an explanation of new developments in accounting in 2022 and to remind you of the closing work steps that business entities need to take. We will also introduce you to the upcoming changes in accounting and related tax regulations for 2023.


Content of the lecture:

  • Legislation governing accounting, income tax and value added tax with a focus on the changes applicable in 2022 and the changes for 2023
  • An overview of the National Accounting Council interpretations and their application to closing operations and preparation of financial statements, with a more detailed explanation of new and forthcoming interpretations
  • Conducting and documenting inventories, treatment of inventory differences
  • The structure of the balance sheet and its significant parts:
    • fixed assets (acquisition, valuation, depreciation, repairs and technical improvements)
    • inventories, their valuation and reporting
    • current financial assets
    • receivables and payables including deferred tax
    • accruals, imputation and provisions
    • equity (capital funds, revaluation funds, other VH, profit advances)
  • Structure of "other" statements (P&L, CF Statement, Statement of Changes in OCI)
  • Valuation, valuation allowances, exchange differences
  • 2022 financial statements – preparation, approval, verification and disclosure


Lecture schedule:

9:30 – Opening of the training

11:00 – Morning coffee break

12:30 – Lunch

15:00 – Afternoon coffee break

16:30 – End of the training


Who is the seminar for?

Chief accountants, other accounting staff and managers of financial departments with a good knowledge of accounting.



  • Ing. Jiří Pospíšil, Ph.D., Metodik účetnictví



  • 1 500 Kč/osoba (bez DPH) 
  • Fakturace účasti probíhá elektronicky po uskutečnění školení


Registrace: Přihlaste se k semináři prostřednictvím online formuláře kliknutím na tlačítko „registrovat“ nebo nám napište na [email protected]


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