MS Excel as a useful audit tool

MS Excel as a useful audit tool

01 October 2021 - CUT

Karlovo náměstí 319/3 120 00, Česká republika

The aim of the seminar is to acquaint participants with the basic operations and functions of MS Excel and their effective use in editing and processing large amounts of data. During the seminar, individual knowledge and acquired knowledge will be applied to sample materials supplied by lecturers. Participants will also be introduced to the theory of Benford's law, its use in the activities of the internal auditor and its application in MS Excel.

Intended for: Internal and external auditors and controllers from the private and public sector or other persons who analyze large volumes of data (for example, large exports from information systems) and want to efficiently obtain useful information from data using MS Excel.

Level: For all levels. Basic orientation in MS Excel required. Participants will bring their own laptop with MS Excel installed (recommended version 2013 and newer)



  • Analytical work in MS Excel:
  • Difference between data and table.
  • Keyboard shortcuts and work with sheets.
  • Basic functions (insert row, column, cells, formats, total rows).
  • Display (page view, dock partitions).
  • Filter, advanced filter, use of cross-sections, data sorting, "Insert differently" function.
  • "Data tools" menu.
  • Conditional formatting.
  • PivotTables.
  • Hyperlinks.
  • Functions Moon, Left, Right, Part, When, Search, Iferror, Sumifs, Round, Concatenate, Corell, etc.
    • Benford's law.
    • Practical work in MS Excel.
  • Processing of sample data under the supervision of a lecturer using the above-mentioned functions. l
  • Application of Benford's law to a large data set and ways of interpreting its evaluation. Participants will bring their own laptop with MS Excel installed (recommended version 2013 and newer).



  • Roman Mrkvička, Consultant
  • Michael Zentrich, Consultant


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