Payroll news in 2022, work from home and employment of foreigners

Payroll news in 2022, work from home and employment of foreigners

23. 11. 2021 - Pilsen; 24. 11. 2021 - Domažlice; 26. 11. 2021 - Brno; 29. 11. 2021 - České Budějovice; 30. 11. 2021 - Prague9:00 - 13:30

Pllsen, Domažlice, Brno, České Budějovice, PraguePllsen, Domažlice, Brno, České Budějovice, Prague, Czech Republic

As in previous years, we have prepared a seminar for you this year summarising the basic salary and HR changes that will affect both you personally and your company. At the seminar, we will discuss the most important changes in payroll accounting for 2021, including practical examples and upcoming news for 2022.

We will talk about what changes await us in personal income taxes, compensation arising from short-time work (Kurzarbeit), health insurance benefits and other changes in the area of payroll. In addition to the already approved legislative innovations, bills currently in the legislative procedure will be discussed as well.

This year, we recently added a section on the employment of foreigners and the popular topic of work from home.



  • Changes in the area of salary in 2021 and experiences from the field
    • Change in the calculation of holiday leave – calculations of leave entitlements according to the new regulation in practice
    • Meal package in practice
    • Work from home
    • Amendment to the Income Tax Act – increase of the tax benefit for the second, third and next child
    • Annual tax settlement 2021 – impact of new tax rates on annual tax settlement 2021, documents, new declaration forms
  • News in 2022
    • Minimum wage
    • Short-time work (Kurzarbeit)
    • Changes in sickness benefits – long-term nursing and paternal postnatal care
    • Changes in the Income Tax Act
    • News that will be approved by the time of the seminar
  • Employment of foreigners – basic aspects and obligations of the employer
    • Identification of the cross-border situation and the resulting scope of the employer's obligations
    • Types of employee structures
    • International taxation of employees - tax residency and its impact on the employer's obligations
    • Social security - in which country to pay contributions for employees, A1 confirmation


Who is the seminar for:

  • Personnel and HR directors, payroll accountants and HR professionals and other employees and executives of companies who want to get a comprehensive overview of changes in payroll accounting in 2021 and 2022 and gain insight into the employment of foreigners in the Czech Republic.



  • Veronika Sovová, Payroll Manager
  • Anna Vraná Rubínová, Senior Consultant, Payroll
  • Monika Lodrová, Tax Manager, Head of Personal Income Tax



  • 23 November 2021 - Pilsen
  • 24 November 2021 - Domažlice 
  • 26 November 2021 - Brno
  • 29 November 2021 - České Budějovice 
  • 30 November 2021 - Prague


Duration:   9:00 – 13:30


Price: CZK 1,500,- /participant (excl.VAT)



  • Please confirm your interest in participating by clicking on "register" or write to us at