08 June 2021 - CUT

Participants will get acquainted with the principles of risk management and acquire skills for the preparation and evaluation of risk analysis.

Designed for: Executives, risk managers, internal auditors, data protection officers, compliance specialists and all others who want to get acquainted with the issue.

Level: For all levels.



  • Governance, risk management and internal control.
  • Risk management - good practice and legal obligation.
  • The concept of "risk".
  • Risk capacity, risk appetite, risk tolerance.
  • Inherent and residual risk.
  • Responsibility for risk management in the organization, three lines of defense.
  • Internal audit and risk management.
  • Risk management frameworks.
  • Goals and strategies.
  • Risk identification and assessment.
  • Response to risks.
  • Management control according to the Financial Control Act.
  • Discussion


Lecturer: Ing. Jakub Matějů, Junior Audit Manager


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