Whistleblowing and whistleblower protection: Obligations and implementation into your business

Date: 23 November 2021
Time: 09:00 - 12:00
SMOSK (K Centrum)
Senovážné náměstí 23
Praha 1 - Nové Město  
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  • Summary

In cooperation with 1. VOX a.s. we have prepared a seminar for you on the topic of whisteblowing. 

At the seminar, we will introduce you to the new legislation on whistleblowing (the so-called Whistleblowing Act) and related new obligations for almost all companies. The new legislation obliges companies to establish channels for reporting infringements and protecting whistleblowers.

As part of the training, we will explain to you what the new obligations mean in practice, and we will propose an effective solution on how to manage them without threat of sanction.

We will also describe how to make the best use of these new responsibilities for the benefit of the company and how to obtain information on risks or fraud and how to respond to them in a timely manner. We will introduce you to an effective tool for implementing everything in your company by means of process automation.

Target group: The seminar is intended primarily for CEOs or CFOs, controllers, compliance and ethics officers, investigators of suspected violations, and internal auditors.



  • legislation: directive and bill on the protection of whistleblowers;
  • explanation of key concepts and obligations:
    • obliged subjects,
    • internal notification system,
    • notifiers,
    • protection against retaliation, reports - methods of filing, administration, investigation and processing of reports, deadlines, relevant person, data retention and protection,
    • filing a report with the Ministry of Justice,
    • the conditions for publication of reports, sanctions,
  • recommendations for implementation and risk mitigation;
  • possibilities of process automation – setting up an ethics line as a reliable and cost-effective solution;
  • audit of the internal reporting system: preparation of the audit, verification of the setting of internal policies and principles;
  • verification of procedures for receiving, managing and processing reports, data protection.
  • answers to questions.



  • Stanislav Klika, Head of Risk Advisory Services
  • Jakub Matejů, Senior Consultant 


More information and registration here.