World of Private Clients Webinar

World of Private Clients Webinar

23 June 2021 - CUT

This online event will look at the World of Private Clients research report as a whole and provide you with the opportunity to hear directly from private client experts from around the globe. Tackling the effects of COVID-19 and each of our key pillars, our speakers will give their insights into the world of private clients and what we can expect to see from the community in the future. 

Some parts of this event will be pre-recorded due to different time zones.



Jeffrey Kane - Jeff is the National Managing Partner of Global Private Client services in BDO US, with 40 years of experience providing financial and tax advice. Jeff will join us live from the US and answer your questions. 

Wendy Walton - Wendy is Head of Global Private Client Services for BDO UK where she advises high net worth individuals on their worldwide tax position. Wendy will be live from the UK and will be on hand to answer your questions.

Mark Pollock - Mark is our representative from BDO Australia where he is a Tax Partner specialising in growing private companies and advising high net worth individuals

Kylie Luo - Kylie is an Executive Director in Private Client Services, she leads BDO’s Asset Management and Private Wealth Tax practice in Singapore. 


Date: 23 June 2021, 17:00 - 18:00 - online

Registration: You can register to this event on this link.


This event will happen in English.