Real Estate

Real Estate

Thanks to our extensive experience in the real estate industry, we can provide our clients with professional advice combined with specialized knowledge and expertise in the field. In addition to traditional accounting and tax advice, we also offer advice to companies across the real estate industry. Our broad range of services enables us to assist our clients throughout the entire life cycle of their real estate investments. 

As a result, our clients consider us as a partner to address tax, economic and legal issues at any point in their business model. Our real estate team has a high level of experience in various areas of the industry and serves all of our clients' needs. BDO combines these specialist and industry-specific skills in the cross-disciplinary teams that make up our global industry competence centres. All services under one roof - comprehensive advice across sectors from a single source. Our Real Estate Group advises companies and individuals on all real estate-related matters.

Focus on risks

Our audit methodology is systematically focused on effective risk management, both for us and for our clients. Because we focus our audit planning and our audit strategy on "business risks", our audit is always "tailored" to each client by taking into account the specific business and financial risks, as well as the risks associated with the specific legal environment in which the client operates. This approach is accompanied and supported by discussions between us and the client about their business, at all levels. Our audit approach is supported by a specific comprehensive software tool that allows for fully electronic documentation. 

Our methodology

  • We gather relevant information about the market and the main business/audit risks. This will enable us to plan appropriate audit procedures and subsequently conduct the audit efficiently and on the basis of mutually agreed terms and price in advance. 
  • Gathering the information will also allow us to mutually agree on the timing of each phase of the audit, including the dates when we will need the client's assistance and the individual audit documents. 
  • Based on the risks identified and an understanding of your company's operations and internal and external environment, we will calculate a materiality level specific to the audit. 
  • The audit will be conducted by a team with the appropriate qualifications and capability to conduct the audit efficiently and with added value to the client. We understand that maintaining stable project teams is beneficial to our client and our internal staff. For this reason, we have the principles of continuity firmly embedded in our general management procedures. This ensures continuity whenever possible.
  • We can promise clear and immediate communication in the event of any audit findings, minimising the risk of unexpected complications disrupting smooth and timely reporting. Our auditors work closely with experts in each accounting methodology, so we can find optimal solutions without undue delay.

What's the difference?

Due to our experience in auditing Real Estate financial statements, we have developed specific audit procedures that we will apply to your specific case. BDO's audit staff includes a higher percentage of auditors and partners than our largest competitors. This results in a higher proportion of experienced auditors and partners working for your company.

We support our clients at any point in their real estate investment. We pay special attention to the tax-optimal structuring of our clients' portfolios. We focus on our clients' specific objectives and requirements, evaluate national and international investment opportunities from a tax and economic perspective (due diligence) and advise our clients on the best course of action. We support providers offering open-ended and closed-ended real estate funds throughout the investment process. Our portfolio of services includes financial, tax and legal due diligence, SPA advice and transaction documentation, and we can also advise on investment law and investment tax laws, tax structuring and other issues on request. We also assist with the actual closing and settlement of the transaction.

We will help you design and maintain a successful strategy through professional preparation, monitoring and implementation.

With BDO's structured approach, clients gain:

  • High confidence from potential investors and banks
  • Leveraging extensive experience from similar transactions
  • Professional time and project management (strict control of the entire process)
  • Our services in connection with sale transactions - incl. e.g. Vendor DD
  • Preparation of a complete information package
  • Client outreach and assistance in investor selection
  • Support at all stages of the sale transaction from the preparation phase through to the offer and execution phase
  • Subsequent processing and completion

Our other services

  • Property valuation and expert opinions
  • Documentation of all contracts, rights and obligations that are transferred to the buyer (in particular lease/rental and service contracts, purchase, use and neighbourhood rights, lease or public rights, insurance).

Our expertise can benefit both sides of real estate transactions. We support both buyers and sellers of properties, portfolios and companies.

Our range of services

We support our clients with financial, tax and legal due diligence. For cross-border transactions, we work closely with colleagues in BDO's global network, enabling us to professionally and expertly meet our clients' expectations and requirements regarding country-specific queries.

  • Identifying investment opportunities
  • Structuring real estate acquisitions (tax, legal, ...)
  • Financial, tax and legal due diligence
  • Transaction documentation
  • Tax implications of property transactions
  • Accounting issues
  • Post-transaction advice
  • Thanks to our extensive experience in real estate transactions and our cooperation with international BDO member firms, we are able to offer comprehensive and targeted advice under one roof.

In the area of ESG, we help with the following activities:

  • Analysis  
  • Carbon footprint calculation  
  • Developing a strategy  
  • Developing a report

We help clients navigate ESG issues with respect to their specific situation. Our services in this area are designed to help the client prepare for legislative requirements. At the same time, the ESG approach provides opportunities to improve the company's image and competitiveness, increase operational efficiency, and develop relationships with employees, suppliers and customers.

ESG Analysis

Aim: To map all ESG activities already carried out by the company.

  • General company education on ESG and non-financial reporting
  • Mapping of specific ESG activities, documents, goals and policies
  • Structured interviews with responsible persons in each area
  • Own methodology to assess companies' readiness for non-financial reporting under the CSRD - initial review of existing and missing data

Calculating the carbon footprint 

Aim: Calculate the company's carbon footprint according to the GHG Protocol methodology

  • Introduction to the calculation methodology
  • Determining the scope of the calculation
  • Data collection and verification
  • Setting up processes for regular carbon footprint calculation
  • Preparation of a final report including recommendations to reduce the carbon footprint and how to use the results

ESG Reporting

Aim: Create an ESG report for the company

  • To familiarize responsible persons with relevant reporting standards
  • Set up a data collection system
  • Data collection within material topics
  • Draft report, revisions, final version of report

ESG Strategies

Aim: Develop a long-term ESG strategy for the company. 

  • Compile a list of topics for materiality assessment.
  • Stakeholder dialogue
  • Materiality assessment workshop Selection of material topics for the strategy and for reporting
  • Setting objectives and KPIs and roles for material topics.

We provide ongoing tax advice, bookkeeping and preparation of annual accounts to ensure our clients meet all their legal obligations. We believe that qualified referrals require comprehensive business knowledge and superior economic expertise. Our clients benefit from our years of experience and from our understanding of their individual and industry-specific needs. We build one dedicated team for each client, consisting of multi-disciplinary, industry-focused professionals with diverse strengths. Each client is assigned a permanent contact person who coordinates their entire engagement. We work as partners with our clients to establish a long-term and successful relationship.

Our range of services

  • Tax planning and proactive ongoing tax advice
  • Tax return preparation
  • VAT advice
  • Representation before the tax authorities
  • Financial accounting
  • Preparation of financial statements in accordance with accounting standards (e.g. Czech accounting standards, IFRS, UK/US GAAP, HBII).
  • Payroll processing

In the area of digital services, we provide services in the following pillars:

1. Authentication and consulting

  • ISO 27001
  • SOC2, SOC for Cyber
  • GDPR
  • Cloud Security
  • IoT security
  • Security audits according to ZOKB
  • Internal ISMS audits

2. Cyber Resilience - BDO Security Health Check

  • Comprehensive Cyber Health Assessment
  • Assessment of process measures
  • Assessment of human resources measures
  • Assessment of technical measures
  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Vulnerability testing
  • Third Party Management
  • Backup strategy, disaster recovery and business continuity assessments

3.  Managed Security Services

  • Incident Response
  • Vulnerability Management Services
  • DevSecOps
  • Threat monitoring
  • Manažer KB
  • DPO
  • Vzdělávání v oblasti kybernetické bezpečnosti
  • Co-sourcing interního auditu

4.  Offensive services

  • Penetration testing
  • Mobile application testing
  • Application Testing
  • Social Engineering
  • Red teaming

5.  Digital Transformation

  • Digital transformation strategies
  • Task Mining/Process Mining
  • Implementation of RPA solutions for business processes

Operational reviews, setting of key performance indicators and reporting

  • setting KPIs by process and team
  • Setting up and digitising reporting

Lean management and six sigma in construction production

  • improving process efficiency using lean and six sigma methodologies
  • Process transformation and implementation of lean and six sigma methodologies into internal processes

Project purchasing, indirect purchasing

  • Independent assessment of purchasing processes and purchasing contracts
  • setting up indirect purchasing processes
  • conducting independent purchasing tenders

Organisation and human resources

  • Process review, alignment and transformation of organisational charts
  • assessment of staff capacities, competences and organisation charts

Operational restructuring and transformation

  • Review of operational cost efficiency - within facility management, energy intensity, indirect purchasing
  • Review of the setting of key performance indicators and remuneration models

Portfolio performance evaluation

  • optimization of economic models
  • portfolio performance benchmarking
  • strategic site analysis

Project controlling and forecasting

  • Setting up internal processes across technical and economic roles, optimizing the substantive reporting component and the tools used for reporting, including process digitization, cash flow planning, profitability, execution and financial risk
  • project viability assessment, competitive analysis

We provide legal advice to domestic and international clients on all matters related to real estate and construction law at virtually any stage of the transaction. We advise on residential real estate, office buildings, commercial buildings, logistics complexes and other specialised real estate. Our services include advising on the purchase or sale of individual properties and entire portfolios, development projects, brownfields, commercial leases, as well as advising on project financing. The legitimate interests of our clients are of paramount importance to us. We do not think about legal advice for our clients in isolation, but we take a holistic and functional approach. In order to provide comprehensive advice, we also frequently collaborate with other professionals across the BDO network.

In particular, our clients rely on us in the following areas:

  • Real estate transactions (asset deal, share deal)
  • Legal due diligence, including coordination with other due diligence projects (e.g. financial, tax, technical, environmental)
  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts for the sale or purchase of real estate
  • Preparation and negotiation of lease or tenancy agreements
  • Legal advice on the preparation of development projects
  • Structuring and restructuring measures (e.g. leaseback)
  • Advice on specialised real estate (e.g. hospitals, hotels, shopping centres, logistics facilities, wind and solar parks)
  • Legal representation (in dealings with neighbours, authorities concerned, but also in proceedings before building authorities, possibly also before administrative courts, in enforcement proceedings, compulsory auctions)

There are many reasons why clients request a valuation of real estate assets (hereinafter referred to as real estate). A distinction can be made between a valuation of the real estate itself (in an asset deal) or a valuation of the companies owning the real estate (in a share deal).

The reasons may be different:

  • Purchase or sale 
  • Restructuring 
  • Accounting under CAS or IAS/IFRS 
  • PPA = purchase price allocation
  • Determination of net asset value 
  • Financing and mortgages 
  • Inheritance/execution/divorce
  • Project development (scenario analysis) 
  • Insurance purposes 
  • IPO 
  • Conversions
  • Valuation of land/projects in various stages of development

The properties we evaluate include residential, commercial, public and purpose-built buildings (e.g. hospitals), land, development rights, easements and projects in various stages of construction. We provide individual and portfolio valuations. We are able to determine the customary rental rates for the above properties. We determine the value of developed and undeveloped land or leasehold rights either ad hoc or on an ongoing basis. 

Value bases sought:

  • Market value 
  • Real value
  • Usual value
  • Established price
  • Usual rental value
  • Depreciated replacement value 
  • Building value
  • Renewal costs 
  • Land value 
  • Value of project/easement/building right


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