BDO wins the award for Largest Consulting Firm of the Year 2023.

BDO wins the award for Largest Consulting Firm of the Year 2023.

It is also the most sought-after employer

The consulting company BDO was awarded the award of the Largest Consulting Firm of the Year 2023 and thus defended its first place from last year. The award is part of the competition "TOP TAX & ACCOUNTING FIRM OF THE YEAR 2023" awarded to the company with the highest revenues on the Czech market. In this category, BDO significantly outperformed other competitors, also thanks to the fact that it increased its sales volume in the Czech Republic by more than CZK 100 million to a total of CZK 825 million last year. In addition to the main prize, the company also took the top prize in the largest employer category as well as the most desirable employer in tax. The fact that the company is successful in attracting young talent is also demonstrated by the Tax Hope of the Year award for Jan Tuček, a partner from BDO's South Bohemia office.

"The results of this year's edition really surprised us and I am very happy about them. I appreciate the most those categories that are not directly related to the size of our company. Although we have hundreds of employees across the country, we still try to maintain a family and open atmosphere in the company. And the fact that we are a top employer shows that we are succeeding. With the right people and capable professionals, it is naturally easier to achieve healthy and rapid growth," says Miroslav Jandečka, managing partner of BDO Czech Republic, adding that last year's revenues were the highest in the 30 years of the company's operation in the Czech Republic.

The SLUTO TAX & ACCOUNTING COMPANY OF THE YEAR 2023 competition has had its first year ever. It was created by combining two established and popular competitions, Accountant of the Year and Taxman & Tax Firm of the Year. The latter competition has been held in the Czech Republic since 2010 and is the only competition of this type in the Czech Republic. Almost 8,000 voters took part in this year's competition and a total of 10 winners were awarded in various categories. The title of the largest consulting company is open to companies operating in the Czech Republic that provide services in the field of tax, accounting, auditing law and other areas of business consulting and publish domestic financial results.

BDO in the Czech Republic is a purely Czech group with no foreign capital and currently employs more than 600 professionals who take care of clients in 7 offices across the country. It serves both the segment of small and medium-sized Czech companies as well as large concerns and subsidiaries of international corporations. In the Czech Republic, it is developing its service portfolio to be able to respond flexibly to changes in client needs. It uses, for example, intelligent automation tools and focuses on smart innovation, increasing the expertise, quality and efficiency of its services.

The complete results list of the competition is available here.