BDO Czech Republic

Who are we?

We are a consulting company providing audit, tax, legal, accounting and advisory services. We have been operating on the Czech market for 30 years. With more than 500 professionals, many years of experience and a global network, we are one of the leading consulting companies in the Czech Republic.

We help your business so you can focus on the core of your business. We can provide you with services in the areas of audit, accounting, tax, law, information technology, digitalisation, financial, transactional and corporate advisory or expert witness services.

Our uniqueness lies in the combination of a strong international network and an individual approach to clients across the Czech Republic, where we operate in offices in Prague, Pilsen, Brno, Domažlice, České Budějovice and Jindřichův Hradec. BDO is represented in the Czech Republic by BDO Audit s.r.o., BDO Czech Republic s.r.o., BDO Consulting s.r.o., BDO Legal s.r.o., a law firm and BDO Valuation s.r.o.

BDO Network

We are part of the BDO network, which is one of the largest networks of audit and consulting groups worldwide. It employs more than 111,000 professionals and operates in 164 countries with more than 1,800 offices. With a global footprint, BDO companies provide access to experts based on the needs of clients and the location of their business activities.

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Our vision

We are a leader in providing exceptional client service.

  • ▶︎ We want to be leaders in what we do: in expertise, in designing complex solutions, in recruiting and retaining talented and committed people. Above all, our vision is to be a leader in providing exceptional client service.
  • ▶︎ Our clients see us as the one to turn to in difficult situations when they need advice: we don't look at country of origin, line of business or number of employees - our clients include Czech and international companies, large but also smaller, family businesses and private individuals.
  • ▶︎ We provide high quality services to our clients: all our clients are treated with the utmost dedication and commitment to quality service. We work in close contact with you to be able to deliver the right solutions that last for the long term.
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Our mission

We help people achieve their dreams.

  • ▶︎ We help our people: we support all our employees in achieving their dreams. We provide a flexible working environment for the best professional fulfilment. We ensure that all our colleagues are offered the same opportunities to develop their talents, maximize their potential, ignite their passion and achieve their goals.
  • ▶︎ We help our clients: we build long-term and close relationships with our clients to truly understand and support their needs. Our global reach means that we can service clients anywhere in the world and that we can assemble the best group of experts to find the right tailored solution for each client.
  • ▶︎ We help our communities: we are part of the communities we live in and help them grow. We are actively involved in civic life and support local communities, initiatives and charitable enterprises.
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Our values

  • BDO is a great place and environment for great people and we pride ourselves on the importance of professional fulfilment:

  • ▶︎ Respect for private life: Only a balance of career, ambition and private life (health, family, leisure, and spiritual development) leads to success.
  • ▶︎ Hard Work: Only the best have something to offer, a lifetime of commitment and improvement leads to this.

  • Our priority is personal values:

    • ▶︎ Trust: linking morality, integrity, knowledge and results.
    • ▶︎ Teamwork: Working together, internally and externally, pushes our personal boundaries.
    • ▶︎ Loyalty: We are aware that what we have is also because of others, the Company, our customers, that one is related to the other and inseparable.

    The professional values we recognize allow us to deliver the best solutions for you:

    • ▶︎ Immediate and proactive: We seek and implement opportunities for improvement, value for the client.
    • ▶︎ Uncompromising quality: We use our best knowledge to deliver the best solutions.
    • ▶︎ Accountability and reliability: We are accountable for the results of our work, for finding optimal solutions over the long term.

Who are our clients?

BDO in the Czech Republic and worldwide is based on the tradition of family firms. We understand very well how challenging it is for you to balance family life and business interests. Today, our services are used by companies operating across the manufacturing, finance, service, technology, retail, construction and real estate sectors. Our clients include direct owner-managed businesses as well as large international groups and public institutions. We also have extensive experience in serving companies operating in German-speaking markets (DACH). Our team of German-speaking experts can also advise you on managing relationships with parent companies operating abroad.