ICT and shared services: V. subsidy call Digital Enterprise

The Digital Enterprise call for small and medium-sized enterprises with implementation outside Prague aims to support increasing the digital level of companies operating on the Czech markets by supporting the purchase and introduction of advanced non-production digital technologies. These technologies should ensure a fundamental change in the overall production process, the establishment of a new facility, expansion of a facility, expansion of the capacity of an existing facility, expansion of the production range of an existing facility or a combination of the above activities by supporting automation, data digitisation and more efficient interconnection and management of business processes.

As part of the call, it is possible to apply for subsidies of up to CZK 10 million to support the digitisation of company processes. The minimum amount provided is CZK 1 million. The level of support is defined by the size of the company and the region of implementation in the range of 30 to 60% of the total project. The deadline for the completion of the project is 31 March 2023. Subsidies can be applied for from 15 September 2021 to 15 November 2021. Applications will be collected continuously, and those who apply earlier have a better chance of obtaining a subsidy. 

Support will be given to activities whose main task must be investment or acquisition of ICT products and services (e.g. investment in SW, HW and other machinery and equipment directly related to ICT or the use of ICT solutions provided in the form of services, including expert consulting services for design, implementation and ICT management in the organisation, including interrelated processes), which are classified as "initial investments" and thus related to a fundamental change in production process, establishment of a new facility, expansion of the capacity of an existing facility, expansion of the production range of an existing facility or a combination of these categories.

Specific supported categories

  1. Support for digital transformation of the company, i.e. support for the purchase of non-production technologies (machines and production systems are not supported, but it is possible to support the acquisition of software used for the production of new intangible products – applications), which will create a functional interconnected unit enabling more efficient management and operation. Included are smart sensors that allow monitoring of operating parameters such as consumption, temperature or current status. Other examples are systems based on artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality systems and VR, advanced software tools for programmers, software designers, software licences, virtualisation platforms, surveillance systems, including their necessary parts, MIS management information systems, advanced parts of enterprise information system, archiving software, etc.
  2. Logistics and warehousing technologies. Acquisition of robotic autonomous machines for the transport of goods, or robotic cleaning on the company's premises, RFID technology, NFC, QR code readers, image recognition using neural networks, monitoring the status of orders, etc.
  3. In-house connectivity. Ensuring connectivity within the company (active and passive network elements, necessary measuring equipment and installation material) as well as ensuring secure mobile remote access for employees (LTE and 5G modems, switches and routers, headsets, encryption keys, paid VPN, etc.).
  4. Cybersecurity. The system integration of acquired or extended IT solutions, systems and security, services of consultants and experts in the field of computer security is supported. The use of a distributed decentralised blockchain database can also be a part of elements strengthening cybersecurity.
  5. Office applications and simple (basic) accounting programs, or applications for tax records, i.e. a business information system with limited functionality can be purchased for a price that will total up to 10% of the total eligible expenses.

Analysing the options for support and processing and submitting application documents are complex tasks, where it is appropriate to use the knowledge of experienced consultants. We have extensive experience and a high success rate in this regard, and therefore we will be happy to advise you on submitting the Call.