Statement by the BDO Global network on the situation in Ukraine

Statement by the BDO Global network on the situation in Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine continues to dominate our thoughts and is leading us to take concrete action.

BDO's priority at the global level and in the Czech Republic is to provide maximum support to BDO colleagues, their families and loved ones in conflict-affected countries in an efficient and effective manner, especially in evacuation, relocation and accommodation, providing immediate financial assistance and finding employment. BDO employees around the world have joined together to help alleviate the immediate humanitarian crisis that has hit Ukraine.

BDO has chosen to support these direct aid activities at the global level with carefully considered policies. This is set out as follows:

  1. No BDO firm will work with Russian and Belarusian sanctioned entities, including the Russian and Belarusian governments, Russian and Belarusian state-owned enterprises and individuals sanctioned as a result of the ongoing situation in Ukraine.
  2. BDO does not currently have a firm in Russia that is part of a global network. A former Russian member firm operates independently in the country under the name Unicon.
  3. BDO is removing BDO Belarus from its global network. We will continue to support our existing clients in meeting their legal obligations and commitments.

These changes will enter into force immediately. Some changes may take longer to implement. It is in our interest to ensure a smooth process that allows us to continue to properly discharge our professional duties and obligations to the relevant parties.

From the outset, we have stated that we condemn violations of international law and military aggression in all its forms. This remains our position and we hope that the loss of life and livelihood will soon cease and that all parties will come together so that a state of peace can be restored.


Opinion issued on 8 March 2022