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Our goal is for you to be able to take advantage of all the legal possibilities of professional optimisation at the highest level without fear of risks. Let us worry about taxes for you.Almost all your activities have an impact on your tax burden....


We will support you in all important business decisions. Our experienced team of legal advisors, with offices in Prague and Brno, covers all areas of business-related law.We know how important it is to get clear professional advice from one source...

Business services & Outsourcing

Our various consultancy services share a common goal: we take on responsibility and are there to help you with deciding upon and implementing all corporate matters. 


BDO Digital nabízí ucelený soubor vysoce kvalitních služeb v oblasti strategického technologického a obchodního poradenství zaměřeného na střední trh. Disponujeme obchodním přehledem a rozsahem služeb potřebných k tomu, abychom vaše podnikání...



We will find a solution for all situations – beginning with advisory services or audit, but we can also provide advice for risk management, acquisitions or setting up strategy and corporate processes.