Dynamic Application Testing

Dynamic security testing is the process of analysing an application through the front-end to find vulnerabilities using simulated attacks. This type of approach tests the application "from the outside" by attacking the application in the same way a malicious user would. 

After the scanner performs these attacks, it looks for results that are not part of the expected result set and identifies security vulnerabilities.

Dynamic application testing is important because developers don't have to rely solely on their own knowledge to create applications. By performing dynamic testing during development, you can catch vulnerabilities in your application before it is deployed to the public. If these vulnerabilities are not addressed and the app is deployed in this way, it can lead to data leakage, which can result in large financial losses and damage to your brand reputation. At some point in the software development lifecycle, human error will inevitably play a role, and the earlier a vulnerability is caught during development, the cheaper it is to fix.

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