• Software escrow

Software escrow

The main benefit of deploying an information system is to increase the efficiency of business processes and the functioning of the company. The intensity of your expectations is directly proportional to the amount of money spent, which from a certain level creates a legitimate fear of return.

But how to resolve a situation where you do not know how long the support of your chosen system will take? What if the supplier does not develop it further? Only with access to complete source codes can you provide technical support and long-term development of the information system. And this is the basic function of software escrow: secure storage of code and its release after meeting the conditions defined in the contract between the software manufacturer, the customer and the escrow agent.

It is therefore not just storage with the customer of a copy of the code, which the software creator does not control, but a comprehensive service providing the necessary legal actions associated with storing (not just saving) the software code and its eventual release under specified conditions. By using a secure version of the software escrow, we eliminate the risk of source code disclosure during the entire custody process.