• System integration, project management

System integration, project management

The concept of system integration is widely discussed, but often only within a small IT team. At the same time, this is an area that will ensure companies connect individual IT components from different suppliers so that they can work together and streamline operations, whether by reducing the cost of modifying existing systems and applications or implementing new ones, or reducing the need for manual inputs. Agility, speed, real business benefits, budget compliance and vendor-lock-in risk minimisation must all be carefully considered today. How to combine security with user friendliness? Is there a good "on-site" solution or is a move to the cloud preferable? Is it better to develop or use a "box" or open-source solution? Our experts are ready to answer all these questions and help you avoid the pitfalls of IT projects.

Our team will find and provide you not only with a technical solution but will guide you through the entire process.

  • Advisory on technology selection
  • Advisory on tenders
  • System integration
  • Project management and quality assurance
  • Services of ICT architects and ICT engineering
  • System integrator services
  • Investor technical supervision services for technology and ICT
  • ICT project management
  • Management of IT and services