Cyber Incident Response

There are a huge number of processes that take place on any corporate network - from logging in, to running various scripts, to updates and downloads, to advanced configuration adjustments. All of these processes must be managed by IT administrators. A large number of processes inevitably has a negative impact on security because it increases the likelihood of an incident.

Our incident response services include:

  • Forensic analysis, eradication and remediation with rapid response.
  • Continuous Threat Monitoring and Analysis: Post-incident network monitoring and analysis that integrate and complement existing IT security solutions to determine whether any persistent or additional threats continue to pose a threat to the network.
  • Advanced Threat Detection: Using advanced attack-based algorithms , analysis and dark web intelligence developed by former government-level security experts to identify hidden threats from nation states, insiders and other sophisticated actors that cannot be detected by traditional IT and cybersecurity analysis.
  • Incident Response Operational Readiness: Comprehensive incident prevention programs that include training and vulnerability assessments as well as penetration testing, phishing campaigns, Red/Blue Team and tabletop exercises using advanced Cyber Range technology. BDO Digital also utilizes privacy, technology, and business advisors along with accounting experts to assist with all pre and post incident response needs.
  • Incident Response Planning: Developing and testing comprehensive incident response plans to minimize the impact of a data security breach, including identifying the root cause and implementing corrective actions for affected areas. Our team of experts considers company processes as well as the roles and responsibilities of individuals throughout the organization.

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