• Roque Access Points


You can configure the wireless firebox to detect unauthorised wireless access points that operate within the same range as your wireless network.

An unwanted access point is any wireless access point within range of your network that is not recognised as an authorised access point or is not configured as an exception in your wireless deployment. A rogue access point can be an unauthorised access point that someone within your organisation has connected to your network without permission. These access points pose a security risk to your wireless and wired network if they do not have the proper security features enabled. A rogue access point can also be an access point outside of your wireless network that is within range of your network. This includes fraudulent access points such as Honeypot or Evil Twin that masquerade as legitimate access points by broadcasting the same network SSID name as your authorised access points.

When you enable rogue access point detection on your Firebox wireless device, the device's wireless radio scans the wireless channels to identify unknown wireless access points. You can configure the scan to run continuously or to run at a scheduled interval and time of day.