• Tax advisory for legal entities

Tax advisory for legal entities

Transfer your legal obligation to our tax experts and free yourself from unnecessary administrative burdens. We advise many Czech and international companies. Our team has profound knowledge and experience from various industries and can respond immediately to your needs.

General tax advice and consultancy

We provide professional tax advice that respects the situation of your company as much as possible. In addition, we believe it is essential to consider and describe the tax implications of all intended business strategies. Our goal is to work closely with you to minimise your company's tax burden and prevent any problems before they can arise.

Income tax return

The tax return allows you to take advantage of many legal savings options which must not be overlooked. The preparation of a tax return requires exceptionally reliable underlying systems, individual records, and processes for compiling the return. Working with us means you can rest assured that the background materials meet the above requirements, thus avoiding possible sanctions or excessive work bringing the material into compliance with legal requirements. We will help you meet all legal requirements and will put together and file an accurate tax return for you while ensuring its optimisation over the long term.