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What does advisory mean to us?

Business consulting is a specialized service that helps companies and organizations improve their efficiency, productivity and competitiveness. Consultants provide expert advice and recommendations in areas such as strategic management, marketing, finance, human resources and operations. They help identify problems, design solutions and implement strategies to achieve short and long-term goals. Business consulting can help companies overcome challenges, innovate their practices and achieve success in the marketplace.

Business consulting at BDO

At BDO, we safely guide our clients through even the most challenging situations. Our extensive industry experience, coupled with access to the resources of one of the world's largest accounting and advisory firms, enables our experts to offer a wide range of legal, investigative, restructuring, assessment and risk assessment services.

We can advise you on strategic, financial or operational management, help with business transformation, set up risk management processes including cyber security, or help you  
We can assist you in implementing digital technologies to streamline internal or production functions.

Our consultants have expertise in business management, economics and finance, processes, information technology, marketing and business. We can help with complex strategy and implementation, or more targeted operational and project requirements.

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Kamil Vaniš

Kamil Vaniš

Director, Head of Strategy & Operations Advisory
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