• Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Are you and your company at the proverbial crossroads and uncertain what to do next? Not sure whether to sell or expand your business? Have you built a company and don’t have a successor?

Whether you are a Czech entity asking similar strategic questions or a foreign investor who plans to enter the market or just needs an initial analysis of a new market, our Mergers & Acquisitions team will guide you through the process.


  • analysis and assessment of the company’s situation
  • suggestions for best practice options
  • assistance creating or modifying a business plan
  • selecting optimal sources of financing from individual or institutional investors (investment funds, banks, etc.)
  • addressing and communicating with financial investors or institutions
  • selection of a suitable funding provider
  • negotiation of financing conditions
  • assistance in concluding contractual documentation

Purchase of a business

  • identification of a suitable business to purchase
  • proposal of acquisition strategy and contacting the owner of the target company
  • management of the entire purchasing process, including coordination of any other advisors
  • financial and tax review of the management of the purchased company (investor due diligence)
  • valuation of the purchased business
  • assistance in financing the purchase of a business
  • negotiating the best achievable terms of business acquisition
  • assistance in signing contractual and other transaction documents
  • assistance with the settlement (completion) of the purchase of a business

Valuation and financial modelling

  • assistance in creating or modifying a financial plan for valuation purposes
  • quick indicative valuation
  • valuation based on discounted cash flow method

Post-acquisition advice

  • helping to integrate the purchased business into the buyer’s organisational structures to maximise synergies and cost savings
  • reporting settings
  • migration to the new accounting system
  • consolidation settings
  • setting up the supply chain, risks and functions of individual entities
    • economic/business aspect
    • optimisation of tax burden
    • transfer pricing documentation, mandatory assessment

Sale of business

  • analysis and assessment of the situation
  • proposal of variants of sales strategy
  • identification of potential candidate(s)
  • processing of information for selected buyers (information profile, information memorandum, data room)
  • vendor due diligence
  • help with the preparation of the company’s business plan
  • preparation and management of the whole sales process
  • negotiation of the best achievable conditions for the sale of the company
  • assistance in signing contractual and other transaction documents
  • assistance with the settlement (completion) of the sale of a business

Restructuring and reorganisation

  • analysis and assessment of the situation of the company/group
  • proposal for variants of the restructuring process
  • assistance drawing up a restructuring plan
  • implementation of the restructuring, including communication with banks and other creditors
  • reorganisation of the group, including risk reduction for the owner, key managers, statutory bodies
  • setting up internal audit and controlling
  • forensic investigation