Internal Audit

What are the benefits of Internal Audit?

Companies and organizations around the world are struggling to compete in a rapidly changing and highly competitive environment. At BDO, we believe that internal audit is at the forefront of this effort: it is the closest collaborator to senior management and is tasked with providing management with valuable information and recommendations to improve processes and make the entire company more efficient.

In fact, the role of internal audit is to help the organization achieve its goals and stand up to its mission. Internal audit is a partner to management, helping not only to manage risks but to highlight opportunities.

In practice, this means that internal audit:

  • verifies that the risks associated with the organisation's activities are under control; at the same time, it should assess whether the controls in place are no longer excessive and whether they are consistent with the organisation's overall approach to risk
  • can advise on improvements to existing processes and highlight potential opportunities, including innovation and savings.

Internal audit can help you with the following challenges:

  • increasing efficiency and achieving savings
  • process automation and robotics
  • protecting critical information
  • taking a constructive approach to ensure compliance with increasing regulation
  • effectively defending against fraud and corruption
  • gaining and maintaining the trust of key partners and the public.

Effective solutions

At BDO, we approach internal audit to bring ideas and innovation to help you achieve your ambitions. With us, you can be confident that our work doesn't stop at a list of findings. You can count on us to work with management on pragmatic solutions.

We always tailor our internal audit services to meet the needs of our clients. These services include:

  • Full internal audit outsourcing
  • internal audit co-sourcing
  • external internal audit quality assessment
  • assistance with the implementation and setup of internal audit in the organization
  • audit committee support
  • training


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