Audit & Assurance

We provide evaluation of financial records and internal controls of companies. In a word, audit.

What does an audit mean to us?

An audit is a systematic and independent process that examines an organisation's financial records, procedures and internal controls to verify their accuracy, reliability and compliance with applicable rules and standards. Its primary objective is to provide reliable information about the financial position and operating processes of the organisation to owners, shareholders, management, regulators and other stakeholders. The audit can be performed by internal or external auditors and helps to increase transparency and confidence in the organisation's financial reports and management.

Audit in BDO

Your business is not just a balance sheet or income statement to us. Our auditors always focus on your company as a whole. Using their expertise and experience, in addition to independent audits to provide constructive ideas for improving internal controls and business systems, our partner together with a stable team will be happy to support you in making serious decisions. We provide our services in accordance with Czech and international financial reporting standards.

More about the audit

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Jan Macháč

Jan Macháč

Partner, Head of Audit, International Liaison Partner
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