Payroll Processes Audit

Changes in government policy and tax rates, fixed deadlines for mandatory reports, inconsistent document formats for payroll processing. The aim of the payroll audit is to find errors and irregularities and then take corrective action that will lead to the elimination of the identified deficiencies and support of the client's payroll department.

We offer a combination of effectively set processes and expertise at a reasonable price and the opportunity to save your valuable time. We offer you several options, which may vary depending on your individual needs. It is entirely up to you what level and range of services you choose:

  • An initial analysis of your current personnel & payroll situation
    • in the initial phase we will go through all company directives and other labour law documents - employment contracts, collective bargaining agreements, etc.
    • based on them, we choose the specific focus and depth of the audit
  • Audit of payroll & HR processes
    • we will review the preparation and processing of payroll, focusing primarily on the correct determination of the maximum assessment base for social security, proper tax deductions, solidarity tax and other specifics applicable to the audited period
    • we select a random sample of "risky" payslips and verify the correctness and accuracy of the calculation of salaries of selected persons, their compliance with payroll documents, work reports, contracts and directives
    • if you are interested, we can also check the consistency and accuracy of the data format entered into the payroll system
  • Final report and presentation of findings, proposal of changes
    • we summarise the deficiencies and potential risks of the current payroll processing system
    • we will suggest ways to improve or streamline work in payroll processing
    • we can prepare an opinion on ambiguous or disputed cases, which you can use for possible inspections by state authorities
  • Assistance with the implementation of proposed changes, personalised training
    • assistance of an experienced manager in the implementation of proposed changes and staff training
    • follow-up audit after the implementation of changes focused on risk areas
    • tailor-made training from a payroll accountant

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