Payroll Processing and Related Agendas

Payroll processing and related agendas

Proper, timely, accurate and efficient payroll processing is extremely important for you and your employees. We will relieve you of the burden of monitoring constant changes in legislation and provide you with the certainty of an optimal solution.

The basis of payroll accounting is the processing of monthly and annual payroll, and the entry and exit of employees. At BDO, we focus on the following components of payroll accounting:

  • Assumption of orders
    • Creation and setting of automated processing in the payroll system
    • Connection of the payroll system to the existing attendance system
    • Effective setup of the document exchange process using the options of BDO Portal, Microsoft Flow,…
    • Setting up a transfer bridge to the existing accounting system while respecting the requirements for the company's reporting needs (order, central division, etc.)
  • Monthly payroll processing
    • processing of wages for payment, including the preparation of transfer orders in electronic form according to the type of bank
    • processing of statistical reports (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual)
  • Employee agenda
    • preparation of documents upon termination of employment, employment history sheet, pension insurance records
    • processing reports for the purposes of social and health insurance, representing the client before these institutions based on a power of attorney
    • issuing proof of income
    • checking tax declarations, processing annual tax settlement
    • calculation of wage deductions

Processing of legal documentation and communication with authorities

  • calculation of the employer's statutory liability insurance
  • processing of the statement of personal income tax from dependent activity on behalf of the employer
  • calculation of the obligatory share of persons with disabilities and calculation of the deductions
  • reporting and liquidation of work accidents
  • communication with enforcement authorities and courts

HR, payroll consultancy

  • General payroll and tax advisory
    • consulting for payroll accountants / clients' HR staff, their ongoing support
    • checking the payroll and HR agenda with subsequent assistance in eliminating deficiencies
  • Employee mobility
    • correct setting and optimisation of employment of foreign persons, statutory bodies, their taxation and social security
    • optimisation and outsourcing of the process of calculating/paying travel allowances
  • Personnel / payroll reporting
    • design and implementation of reporting in the Microsoft Power BI environment
  • Human resources
    • managing the HR agenda
    • preparation of employment contracts

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