Cybersecurity Training

Reduce cyber risk through employee training.

The topic of cyber security is closely related to the dynamic development of modern technologies and their everyday use in all areas of human activity. 

What used to be mere electronics or, even earlier, a mere mechanical object, now has a "brain" of its own, which is undeniably a great advantage and an alleviation of a substantial number of activities and, consequently, duties. However, the important thing is that if we want this artificial brain to work well and be of benefit to us, we should follow certain rules. 

Our approach and solutions

End-users are usually the weakest point in your network, so knowledge of  risks, prevention and protection is critical to the security of your entire company. Your employees need cybersecurity training to protect themselves and your company from cyberattacks, and to learn the all the important rules and principles of online safety. By informing employees about security threats, how they might respond to them, and what procedures to follow to identify a threat, you're empowering the most vulnerable links in the chain. 

We always design our training according to the current situation and implement it either in a face-to-face format or via webinar. The total time will never exceeds 2 hours of time. For face-to-face training we recommend a maximum of 30 people per session. In case of a higher number, the possibility of interaction decreases greatly.

Frequent topics and our recommendations always include:

  • What are the current threats and why is cybersecurity so important.
  • Stories from various real-life attacks and what their impact was.
  • What a spoofed email, website, or malicious app might look like.
  • Why deal with cyber security even in your privacy.
  • What a cyberattack looks like and how long it lasts. What the impact can be, not just on society.

We can implement training in several forms:

  • Offline training directly in your company in the form of a lecture.
  • Online training via MS Teams.
  • An e-course that includes a lot of practical examples, creative elements, tips, etc. The course ends with a final test, the result of which  is a certificate confirming the successful completion of the course.


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