Forensic Investigation

Computer forensics requires a unique combination of technical, legal, accounting, investigative and communication skills. We will work with you to secure and collect electronic information, analyze the results and present a comprehensive review of transactions, communications or indications of tampering. We will present facts and analysis that will enable you to address litigation needs and respond appropriately to allegations.

Our experienced team combines a wealth of knowledge and technological expertise to provide technical solutions and investigative support. The team assists with the capture and recovery of electronic data for investigation and review in a manner that ensures its admissibility in criminal and civil courts in multiple jurisdictions.

Data imaging and analysis

We can discreetly access and image computers, networks and other storage media, as well as perform in-depth analysis. We maintain a chain of custody and document our procedures to indicate when data has been properly accounted for and retained.

Corporate Investigations

Our fraud investigation services include gathering and analyzing appropriate evidence, interviewing witnesses and alleged perpetrator(s), identifying the recovery fund, working with regulators, law enforcement and attorneys, and securing evidence.

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