By Marek Kovalčík | 30 April 2021

How to improve the security of Linux servers?

Many services nowadays run on servers with different Linux distributions. Compared to server versions of Microsoft operating systems, they are free. They are also generally considered to be more secure, but require deeper knowledge on... Read More

By Marek Kovalčík | 23 April 2021

Avaddon Ransomware – extortion software

Ransomware is extortion software aimed at profiting from the ransom paid by the victim. But why should a ransomware victim pay, and what happens if they don't? I will try to answer these questions in this article and then briefly... Read More

By Martin Hořický | 15 February 2021

ESEF a new obligation for listed companies

From 1 January 2020, issuers listed on EU regulated markets must prepare and publish their consolidated financial statements in the so-called European Single Electronic Format (ESEF). Read More

By Martin Hořický | 12 January 2021

Cybersecurity Series: Not only a good password can save you a lot

Today, each of us has a lot of passwords for different services. One for the computer, the other for the e-mail box, for logging in to social networks or various websites. Of course, it is almost impossible to remember them all, so a... Read More

By Martin Hořický | 07 December 2020

Cybersecurity Series: Raising user awareness of cyberattacks is an important element of network security

In the field of IT security, great attention is always paid to network security in the form of various security elements, and a large part of the costs also go in this direction. Read More

By Marek Kovalčík | 25 November 2020

Several new 0-day vulnerabilities reveal millions of routers

0-day vulnerabilities, or zero-day vulnerabilities, are those that have just been released, may not yet have a patch, and are likely to occur on many devices. Read More

By Martin Hořický | 17 November 2020

Cybersecurity series: measures to prevent attacks

We continue our series of articles on cybersecurity, this time on key measures to secure your business. Read More

By Martin Hořický | 10 August 2020

Latest cyberthreat growth and how to defend against them

Cybersecurity is a dynamic and ever evolving field that continually sees the same types of risks and attacks. Their consequences vary – from data leaks to their complete block. A complete block of company operations and server data... Read More