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9.12. - Brno, 13. 12. - Praha and online

We have prepared our traditional seminar to provide you with an explanation of new developments in accounting in 2022 and to remind you of the closing work steps that business entities need to take. We will also introduce you to the upcoming changes in accounting and related tax regulations for...

29.11. - Plzeň, 30.11. - Brno, 1.12. - Praha, 2.12. - Domažlice, 5.12. - Tábor, 6.12. - České Budějovice

As every year, we have prepared a tax seminar aimed at providing an interpretation of all the main amended provisions for 2023 concerning income tax and value added tax. We will also discuss the most important changes in relation to the filing of the 2022 tax return. In addition, you will learn...

22.11. - Plzeň, 23.11. - Brno, 24.11. - Domažlice, 29.11. - Praha

As in previous years, we have prepared a seminar summarising the basic payroll and HR changes that will affect both you personally and your company. We will discuss the most important changes in payroll for 2022 with practical examples and upcoming new developments for 2023. 

03 November 2022

With globalisation and the growing possibility of outsourcing technological services anywhere around the world, there are also increased demands on their regulation. Accelerating cooperation with technology service providers in the United States also implies their obligation to demonstrate...

4. 10. 2022

In cooperation with Amazon Web Services and Infor, we have prepared a Business Breakfast on current IT trends. Together, we will discuss the benefits and pitfalls of placing ERP systems in the cloud environment. We will present solutions to minimise the risks of cloud solutions, how to address...

23. 6. 2022

Green Deal for Europe, Fit for 55, taxonomy, NFRD, CSRD, SFRD, ESG... Have you heard these terms before but aren't sure what they mean? Would you like to know how these new obligations will affect your business? Are you wondering how to make the most of them for your business? Or would you just...

1. 6. 2022

The Whistleblower Protection Act, which transposes the EU Directive, was supposed to come into force on 17 December 2021. However, the bill was not passed in time and the Directive was not implemented. What does this mean for businesses and organisations?

18. 5. 2022

Today's Business Intelligence tools are widely used in corporate finance. Their deployment, if the corporate data is in order, has high added value for finance staff, management and other consumers of reports throughout the company. We invite you to a training session where we will show you how...

27. 4. 2022

Currently, all the original tax information boxes (DIS) are being abolished and the Financial Administration is introducing the modernised tax information box PLUS (DIS+). We cordially invite you to an online training session where we will introduce you to the enhanced features of the ever...

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