• Improving business performance

Improving business performance

Internal infrastructure, internal functions and product strategy need to adapt quickly to growth and other changes in the company.

Sales a marketing

  • Analysis of product strategy and customer expectations
  • Optimisation and management of the bidding process
  • Evaluation and optimisation of the pricing model
  • Change management of sales processes (activities, organisational structure, KPIs)
  • Business reporting
  • Search for strategic customers  
  • Project management of CRM system implementation
  • Interim sales management 

Strategic purchasing

  • Analysis of purchasing spend and evaluation of savings potential
  • Search for new suppliers (material supplies, services, IT supplies) also within the international market
  • Organisation of independent purchasing tenders (direct and indirect purchasing)
  • Negotiating contracts with suppliers
  • Strategic evaluation of the supply chain 
  • Change management of purchasing processes (organisational structure, KPIs)
  • Working capital management, inventory management, purchasing planning