• Transformation and restructuring

Transformation and restructuring

Companies change over the course of their existence, whether through organic growth or acquisitions or due to changes in the economic environment, new legislation, health-related restrictions and other more or less predictable circumstances. A stable company with functional and efficient processes and a well-established organisational and operational structure has a better chance of coping with any change, exploiting market opportunities and resisting risks and threats.

Our solutions

Independent business review

  • Assessment of the business’s financial performance, comparisons within the industry
  • Comparison of the company’s competitive position in the market
  • Evaluation of product strategy and product margins
  • Identification and quantification of potential risks and limiting performance factors
  • Review of the effectiveness of internal processes
  • Evaluation of the company’s cash flow outlook
  • Risk assessment in terms of compliance with legislative requirements
  • Design of possible scenarios and assumptions for the company’s development

Strategic revitalisation and business development

  • Revitalisation of corporate strategy and business model
  • Definition of measures to improve the company’s performance
  • Optimisation of operating and non-operating assets
  • Optimisation of the product portfolio
  • Implementation of KPIs, Balanced Scorecard
  • Identification of suitable targets for investment/ identification of suitable investor
  • Project change management
  • Interim management

Organisational transformation 

  • Assessment of existing and design of new organisational structure
  • Setting up processes for shared service centres
  • Establishing holding structures
  • Spinning off part of an enterprise