• NIS2


The number of cyber-attacks is increasing rapidly every year in all EU Member States. The activity of attackers is amplified with the increasing pace of digital transformation and the continuous development of new advanced technologies. We saw a significant increase in attacks during the Covid-19 pandemic or during the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Therefore, in an effort to strengthen the overall level of cybersecurity in all Member States, the European Union has come up with an amendment to the already applied NIS law in the form of a successor to NIS2.  


What is NIS2?


The NIS2 regulation was created as the European Union's response to the deepening of the existing Network and Information Security (NIS) framework adopted in 2016. NIS2 significantly expands the scope of the existing legislation and represents a new solution to strengthen and secure European cyberspace. The Czech Republic has a distinct advantage over some Member States, as it has implemented and well-developed the Cyber Security Act (CSA). However, this Act will also be amended in the context of the adoption of NIS2.


BDO's approach


BDO can assist your organisation in implementing the measures under the NIS2 regulation. We will create a gap GAP analysis of your existing measures and the NIS2 requirements, design a project plan for implementation including prioritisation of each measure. Not sure if NIS2 applies to you? We will provide you with consultancy.