Representation, Tax Administration, Tax Disputes

Representation, Tax Administration, Tax Disputes

A tax audit does not have to be scary – we will fully represent you in negotiations with the tax administrator. We have a team of colleagues who formerly worked on the side of tax administrators in their practice. Their knowledge and experience, including their practical knowledge of the internal methodological procedures of tax administrators, can significantly help clients succeed in tax audits. Based on their experience, they will recommend the correct procedure in the next stages, including the processing of appeals.

When resolving tax disputes, we want to minimise the impact on the day-to-day running of your company, while also reducing stress and costs. We will ensure the preparation of all submissions, if necessary, before the administrative courts. We also file actions against decisions of the appellate body or cassation complaints with the Supreme Administrative Court.

Our specialised team for resolving tax disputes works with clients of all sizes. Representation in tax disputes requires a combination of good tax and legal knowledge. Our team consists of experienced lawyers and tax advisors.

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