• International taxation and tax structures

International taxation and tax structures

Correctly setting up your company or group from the tax perspective is essential for efficient operation. Your company achieves a stable turnover and for the period of its operation on the Czech market you report retained earnings of previous years, the payment of which you postpone due to the tax burden. As a result of increasing regulation, your tax structure is set poorly or in a risky way and you need to change it.

You also have branches abroad and it is difficult to keep track of financial flows between individual companies or what tax obligations apply to you. Whether you do business locally or internationally, what you need right now is to have the right corporate structure set up correctly, efficiently and safely.

A properly set up tax structure is extremely important and can have a major impact on both your future business plans and your tax obligations. We have experience with dozens of foreign expansion projects, cross-border mergers, structuring of family international holdings and other transactions. We have compiled a number of options for clients, both individuals and companies. Our experts in the Czech Republic and abroad are available to you even after the end of the project. The knowledge of your company and experience we have acquired will allow us to provide you with relevant suggestions for improvement in other services.