Real Estate Advisory

Real Estate Advisory

Real estate and construction are important economic indicators. Housing construction has recovered significantly in recent years, and we are seeing a drive to modernise industrial, commercial and office buildings, particularly in the form of "smart" buildings.

Our dedicated team has a wealth of experience in income tax, particularly when it comes to structuring interest expense on financing and tax deductibility on the sale of assets or tax deductibility during the life of a real estate transaction. We will structure your transactions to claim the maximum amount of input VAT and mitigate the negative tax consequences, particularly on the termination of leases.

We work both with directly owner-managed businesses and large international companies, including main contractors, property investors, developers and consultants, and construction and demolition companies. Our professional team has extensive experience and knowledge of the industry and the services we provide deliver real value to our clients.

There are also other tax obligations associated with the acquisition or sale of a property that we will be happy to advise you on.

Anyone who has newly acquired a property, be it land, a house, a flat or commercial premises, is required to file a property tax return, formerly known as property tax.

Until the end of 2019, there was also a duty to pay property tax on the acquisition of immovable property. This tax has been abolished.

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