• Tax advisory for individuals and business owners

Tax advisory for individuals and business owners

Whether you're independently wealthy or a successful artist, you often have to figure out how to deal with taxable income abroad, how to financially secure your loved ones, how to move larger amounts without incurring significant taxation, how to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly after your death or just after your retirement. 

Our specialised team provides advisory to a wide range of clients, including prominent families, entrepreneurs, private equity as well as hedge fund managers, including Czech non-residents and athletes and entertainers. 

We want to be your one-stop shop for all aspects of personal tax planning. We regularly advise clients on: 

  • tax-effective business structures, including profit adjustment, mitigation of inheritance tax and tax from capital gains; 
  • structuring family wealth through trust funds, business or holding structures; 
  • structuring for the interests of private capital; 
  • marital tax planning; 
  • tax investigations and disputes, including negotiations with tax authorities; 
  • comprehensive preparation and submission of income tax returns for individuals and legal entities; 
  • trusteeships, including pension and tax-effective investments.