• ISAE 3402, SOC1

ISAE 3402, SOC1

What can we bring you?

An independent assessment of your services or your supplier. We will assess the compliance or non-compliance of the set measures according to the set procedures of the audited company.

Assessment of control procedures with impact on financial statements. The assessment is similar for both areas, with ISAE 3402 also respecting the requirements of regulatory bodies.

Our team of experts includes specialists in each area.

ISAE 3402/SOC1

In the case of this report, companies define the control objectives and set measures. The scope of the full assurance includes all operational controls that impact financial reporting. It also includes verification of IT general controls (physical and logical security, change management, incident management, monitoring, etc.).


Verification by an independent company will provide you with an assessment of compliance with legislation and regulatory requirements and ensure that you can evaluate your procedures transparently.