Ex-pat Services

Ex-pat Services

Sending key specialists to branches around the world is a daily matter for most companies today. A European study by BDO from 2020 confirmed that employees and future talents are, according to the addressed company leaders, one of the basic pillars of growth in the coming years. Our team focuses on the related issues facing employers and other institutions posting their employees today and provides quick, accurate and practical advice. We will support you and your employees in a wide range of issues, from personal income tax, through setting up an effective remuneration structure, representation before tax and other state administration bodies, to the actual processing of wages.

Broadcasting from the Czech Republic abroad

Secondments abroad are a common part of work today. Before leaving, it is first necessary to evaluate the appropriate legal instrument between the entities between which the secondment will be made (usually a Czech and a foreign legal entity). This has an impact on the overall costs and risks associated with the secondment. Furthermore, it is important to find out basic information on taxes, social and health insurance and the formalities of the working stay as such. Thanks to BDO's strong global network, we can draw on the knowledge of our colleagues in 162 countries. Our approach is to support your business and your seconded employee. At the same time, you are assured of a quality service and a single point of contact, where we will handle the entire matter for you in the event of your request.

Employment of foreigners in the Czech Republic

 Moving from abroad brings with it various problems and obligations both in the area of taxation of natural persons and legal entities. We will help you navigate the Czech tax system, find a tax-efficient solution for you and your family and help you with all your obligations towards the relevant Czech authorities.

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